Reviews of the book:

Firstly, it was unputdownable, and secondly, it must have taken a lot of courage for Amy to share her life path thus far.  I salute you!

Whilst reading Amy’s book, I had so many “aha” moments where her experiences with not only addiction, but other life happenings , resonated with a similar history I have had. Indeed the writing has given me the proverbial kick up the derriere to embark on Chapter 2 of my own book. I don’t wish to sound gushy and all sentimental here , but I am so grateful for this book.  It will be an invaluable tool for so many. I encourage everyone (all genders, ages, etc.) to buy a copy.  I am going to read it again to bookmark particular tools you have provided, which I know will help me.
Debbi Van Der Kraan


“Raw, sincere and genuine emotions – these are the words that flashed in my mind as I read Amy’s book. It was hard to put down when I started reading it. I think that many of us struggle with mental health issues to varying degrees at some point in our life. But for those who are more immersed and overwhelmed by it, Amy’s book provides a window into how crippling it can be. However, the book not only resonates for those struggling with mental health issues; there were some experiences that I could relate to: the shy girl at school, the socially shy adult afraid of judgment from others, the uncertainty and fear about moving forward with my own dreams. Amy’s life experiences have given me inspiration to keep pushing past my comfort zone. Her sharing is an inspiration to countless others who are undergoing similar challenges, and possibly the same fears. Her book is a testament that despite the inner demons you lived and struggled with, you made the choice to turn your life around. Amy has shown that each and every one of us has the answer within to make that choice; that we all have a choice but we need to take that first brave step, and then we can run and, consequently, fly.”
Lilia Sevillano 

Behind The Smile

This is the first book I have written. My client was Amy McAuley who has shared an amazing story. She overcame the struggles of bulimia, alcohol dependency and depression and is now a wellness coach running an exercise franchise in New Zealand (Powerhooping NZ). 

It was absolute privilege to help Amy tell her story. She found that working with me to write her book helped her speak freely about her struggles. 

Amy’s Testimonial

“Bronwyn and I worked together to help me print my book. This story is raw and required so much support and space for me to get it out. Bronwyn held such a safe space for me to open my heart and share what was needed to be shared. She always made me feel heard and listened to with such love. My story about my battle with depression, alcohol dependency, bulimia and terrible self-esteem is one which is already helping to heal people. Bronwyn has the most incredible gift of writing words that are powerful and have a huge impact. She is such a treasure. I have launched my book and already I have had some incredible feedback from my readers. This book is changing lives and without her, I doubt it would be written. Thank you Bronwyn; for holding space for me and sharing your gift with the world. I am so grateful our paths crossed and I know the impact of your writing is going to continue to expand.”


You can buy a copy of ‘Behind the Smile’ for $25 from Amy’s website here:

Note – I do not receive any commission or royalties from book sales. It is just a suggestion if you want to have a closer look at my writing.

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