Mini Biographies

Not everyone wants to write a memoir book. Sometimes people just want to write down some specific memories, or a general history of their life. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to document your life story, I’m here for it.

The mini biography package includes:

1 x book planning session where we map out the time periods and life experiences you want to cover.
4 x 1 hour interviews.
4 x pieces written from each interview that will be reviewed and approved by you as we go.

Total cost – $2,400

If you’re unsure, start with a free 20min consultation where we can chat about the process and what you’d like to achieve from our sessions.


1. What will I end up with?
The four interviews will provide four pieces of writing that flow together to create your mini biography. It will be a word document.

2. How long will it be?
How long’s a piece of string? How many words the final document will be really depends on how much you share during our four interviews. 

3. Can I make changes to it?
Of course! It’s your story. You can ask me to make changes (two rounds of revision are included in the package) or you can make them yourself. You might find that what I have written provides you with a good base to write something more in-depth.

4. Can we do more than 4 session?
Absolutely. I suggest we start with 4 and then see if we need more to cover everything. The charge is $600 for each additional session.

5. What are the payment terms?
Generally I charge 50% on entering into a mini biography project ($1,200) with the remainder invoiced on completion. However, I am open to charging per session ($600) so to spread the cost out over time. All interviews would need to be completed within 6 months.

6. Do you do proofreading/editing?
It is not recommended that a writer proofread or edit their own work. We are too close to the material and often miss our own mistakes. I have proofreading/editor contacts that can provide quotes for you. 

7. What if I want it printed?
I have some contacts in this field who can provide quotes for printing your mini biography. You can provide photos to be inserted etc.

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