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The Actor's Guide

Sarah and I went on quite a journey to create this extensive and informative book on the ins and outs of the acting profession.  From headshots to auditioning, shares her personal knowledge and experiences during her career both behind and in front of the camera. Together we created a book that is both entertaining and helpful for actors looking to make a start. 

Sarah’s Testimonial

I worked on this book with Bronwyn Bay for two and a half years. During that time she became a friend and a confidant. She has a lovely and pleasant nature which made working with her so easy. She really did make my book sound exactly like me, which was the most important part. I think between us we made a fantastic book. Thank you so much, Bronwyn, it’s been an absolute blast.”


You can learn more about Sarah and preorder a kindle copy of her book here:

The kindle and paperback book will be officially for sale via Amazon – 10th June 2024.

Note – I do not receive any commission or royalties from book sales. It is just a suggestion if you want to have a closer look at my writing.

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