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The Time Has Come

Let me guess, you’ve been saying for the longest time that you ought to write a book? Or perhaps people have been telling you that you should write a book? Maybe the idea to write a book has just come to you recently and you’re excited to do it straight away? No matter how the idea has come to you, I’m here to help you bring your life’s journey to the world so you can share the gift of your experiences, wisdom and knowledge.

Assisting someone to bring their story or message to the world is something I feel extremely privileged to do.I’m committed and dedicated to ensuring that my writing authentically captures your voice and your journey.

How Does It Work?
I capture your story or message through a series of recorded interviews which are generally 1 hour long. How many interviews and chapters we write depends entirely on you.

We can work out a book structure at the beginning if you want to, but I generally find book writing to be an organic and intuitive process.  Being in trust and flow allows the book to present itself with the chapters being dictated by the life events or key messages you talk to.

I do not take notes during the interviews, I listen very deeply to you talk.  I take notes later when I listen to your interview a second time.  I do this so I can be intensely present to what you are saying and absorb your experiences fully.  I take hearing someone’s life journey very seriously, it’s important to me to capture it fully by listening with my whole being.

I submit chapters individually post interview for you to review and advise revisions.  I offer two rounds of revision for each chapter to ensure it conveys your story exactly how you want it to.  That the story feels and reads authentically to you is my main goal.

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Can You Really Capture My Story Better Than Me?
No one knows your life better than you. Being able to write down your life experiences in a way that’s clear and creates impact, however, can be harder than you think.  Because we are so entwined and attached to our experiences, it can be hard to find the words that convey the full emotion and gravity of our most poignant life moments. Many people find it easier to talk about what happened than to write it down.  Sometimes people will use different words to describe something when they are talking as opposed to when they are writing it down. But at the same time, we can use a lot more words when we talk and so I take those spoken words and craft them into clear chapters that still encompass all of the emotion of the conversation.

Could you do it? I’m sure a lot of people could. I’d be happy to work alongside you if you want to write your own work and assist with structure and editing. Some people just use a ghostwriter for specific chapters because of the intensity of the experience they are trying to describe. I’m here to serve you. So if you want to do it or you want to hand over your story to me, I’ll still consider it my privilege to be involved on any level.

How Much Will It Cost?

Each book is different in terms of how long it takes and what your needs are. A full quote will be given after our introductory chat (see link to book a FREE ‘Let’s Connect’ chat below).

To give you a ballpark figure, I charge $500 NZD per chapter.

How much your book will cost in total will depend on a number of factors, for example, the total number of chapters or whether you need me to do extra pieces such as the Preface or Acknowledgements etc.  As I said, a full quote will be given after discussing the project with you.

Do you get a % of book sales and your name on the book?
You pay for my writing on completion of each chapter and for any additional writing involved (such as back cover synopsis, foreword etc). I do not receive any money from the sale of your book. You are not required to mention me at all in your book although some clients have chosen to mention me in their acknowledgements page.

Do you do Editing and Proofreading?
Although editing and proofreading are part of my general services as a Freelance Writer, I do not offer these services for ghostwriting work.  It is not best practice for writers to edit and/or proofread their own writing as it is much harder to spot errors in your own work. I can put you in touch with fantastic proofreaders and editors for your book.

Can you Ghost Write Other Projects?
Sure, anything non-fiction. If you have a book in mind to convey a particular message or information then I’d love to help you bring it through into reality.

Can you Help me With Something I’ve Already Written?
If you’ve already written a book but you feel it needs work, I can definitely help you with that. I can assist with editing and/or ghostwriting if you find it needs extra chapters or more added to the existing chapters. I’d need to review the current writing in order to provide you with a quote.

Not Sure?

It’s a big investment financially and energetically to commit to writing a book, especially one as personal as your life story.

For those who are unsure, I offer clients the chance to do a sample chapter with me for $397 NZD with no obligation to do the whole book. That way we both get to see whether we are the right fit for each other before embarking on the deeply personal journey of writing your story.

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